Working with retailers who carry our Little Works fair trade greeting cards, we’re constantly asked how to better display the cards without using the traditional wire-framed displays. So we’re always on the hunt for great display ideas which we will begin featuring every Tuesday. If you have your own great ideas, I encourage you to share them. You don’t need to be a retailer to share – if you see a great display idea, email us the image and we’ll post it, giving credit to the retailer and person who took the image!

Today’s image is featured in Country Business magazine, a trade magazine I love reading monthly because of its great display ideas and business topics covered.

The display uses inexpensive chicken wire as the backdrop of a wooden frame. The chicken wire is easily and quickly stapled to the back. Wooden letters are glued to the top to add additional dimension. The cards are hung by little clips. Viola. Easy, inexpensive, quick and eye-catching display idea for greeting cards!

Do you have a creative way to display greeting cards either in a store or at home? Email me at megy at World-Shoppe dot com and it might be next Tuesday’s featured design!