How easy is it to convert an over-sized scarf into a hobo purse? Turns out it’s 5 easy steps.

The last post on how to tie a scarf into a pretzel seemed to get people really excited so when I saw this picture, I wanted to share it as it’s another way to tie a scarf, no?

I’ve always liked the look of hobo bags and the ease of turning a scarf into a hobo makes it particularly appealing as you’re traveling and need something to throw your stuff in. Obviously you’ll want a heavier weight scarf if you want it to have some strength to the bag but the possibilities are endless as long as your scarf is large enough to make into a bag.

I tried this at home and I love the look of my new hobo bag. Use different patterned scarves to create cool, one-of-a-kind bags to wear (and can double as a scarf if it gets chilly!).

Would you print and post this next to some scarves as yet another way to showcase their versatility…especially during the summer months when most of us are not sporting scarves around our necks?